About Diatrology™ Curriculum

Patricia created and teaches specialty Pilates instructor training course Diatrology™, which discusses both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, the physiological effects and complications of diabetes, how exercise helps to improve and control blood sugar, and teaches instructors how to train clients with diabetes.

Patricia Welter is a long-time insulin dependent Type 1 Diabetic and she promotes exercise for those with Diabetes. She is also a proud American Diabetes Association Ambassador.

Patricia derived the name “Diatrology” from two words: “Dia” and “Contrology”.

  • “Dia-“ comes from the Greek work meaning “through, across, from point to point, or completely.” These meanings are found in such words as: diagnosis, dialogue, dialysis, diameter, diaphanous, and diabetes.
  • “-trology” comes from Joseph Pilates himself. Pilates was originally called “Contrology.”

Therefore Diatrology means Contrology (or Pilates exercise) for those with diabetes!

Watch Patricia discuss how “#DiabetesHitsDifferent” for American Diabetes Month