About The Pilates Whisperer

Patricia and Robert Welter are the magical husband-and-wife duo behind The Pilates Whisperer.

They bring together their 30+ years of Pilates expertise to offer Balanced Body Pilates Instructor training, studio management coaching and Pilates equipment servicing.

Elevating the Magic of Movement

Patricia Welter

Once upon a Pilates dream, there lived a lady named Patricia, whose passion and magic in teaching Pilates Instructor Training were nothing short of enchanting.

As a seasoned Balanced Body Educator, with over 30 years teaching experience, she sprinkles her expertise of studio ownership, business consulting, and equipment guidance into every lesson.

Step into the magical world of Pilates with Patricia, where every training journey is a fairy tale, and mentorship is a magical guide through the enchanted realm of wellness.

Join Patricia and elevate the magic of movement!

Patricia Welter sitting on stone steps.

Robert Welter

Once upon a Pilates adventure, there lived a hero named Robert, a seasoned wizard of Balanced Body equipment with over 25 years of experience. His skill was renowned and shared by Balanced Body as their recommended service person for the south east US.

Robert’s skilled hands ensure the longevity and safety of your Pilates apparatus.

Robert brings a touch of wizardry to your studio equipment, making every exercise an enchanted experience.

Schedule Robert and elevate the magic of movement!

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”

– Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates
Photos of Joseph Pilates – Permission to use photo granted solely to Patricia Welter of The Pilates Whisperer by IC Rapoport (Copyright holder)