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  • I absolutely LOVED my Balanced Body trainings with Patricia Welter! I did the comprehensive program and I am so happy with the knowledge she has taught me. She is a true professional. Her passion as an educator and her love of pilates shines through her work. She is patient, kind and willing to go above and beyond for her students. I am forever grateful for my learning experiences with her.

    Suzanne Lince Avatar Suzanne Lince
    September 6, 2023

    Patricia is always excellent in her approach, sharing everything from historical details on Pilates work to current day practices.She has a keen understanding of Pilates on all apparatus and is willing to dig deep to help people learn. I so enjoy workshops with her and teachers in my studio train with her as well! Never hesitate on taking a class or training will be so glad you did.

    Anna Valle Avatar Anna Valle
    September 6, 2023

    I recently had the wonderful experience of having Patricia Welter as my teacher for Balanced Body Teacher Trainings. Patricia was awesome, as always! Knowledge at its best! I feel privileged for the opportunity of being her student. Thanks so much for the professionalism, empathy, support, and sincerely caring.

    Yoly Martinez Avatar Yoly Martinez
    September 6, 2023

    So happy I had the opportunity to train with Patricia. She is so very knowledgeable, caring and truly loves what she does! Highly recommend if you are wanting the best well rounded experience. I felt so confident in my training after receiving my comprehensive pilates certification. She truly is a pilates whisperer!

    Jenny Chikode Avatar Jenny Chikode
    September 6, 2023
  • Patricia is a thoughtful, precise and knowledgeable teacher and instructor. As a teacher training student, I have thoroughly enjoy learning from her due to her vast knowledge of Pilates, movement and understanding of the body. In training, I not only learned the Pilates material but also gained a comprehensive understanding of its development and evolution. In the trainings she welcomes questions, is open minded while remaining true to her knowledge and encourages students to think for themselves vs "right answers". Her devotion to the work and for the people she teaches is apparent. I encourage anyone looking to become an instructor to take her courses- she's a walking encyclopedia-gold mine of knowledge and a fabulous teacher!

    Meg Powell Ming Avatar Meg Powell Ming
    September 6, 2023

    Patricia is not only one of the most knowledgeable pilates instructors I've ever met but both she and her husband are two outstanding human beings. Patricia's execution as an instructor is flawless. She is direct, precise, caring, funny and will bring out the best in every student, no matter how many are in the room! If you have the opportunity to work with Patricia you will be forever changed for the better.

    Lisa Kiel Avatar Lisa Kiel
    September 6, 2023

A few Past Testimonials

“Excellent as always! Love Patricia and Balanced Body!”

“The Balanced Body Chair training presented by Patricia was awesome. Love the training manuals. Patricia goes thru each exercise covering all aspects of the move and how to implement in your teaching and what works best for clients. I’ve done several trainings with Patricia and Chair was no exception. I always walk away feeling more confident and knowledgeable in being able to teach and what exercises to teach.”

“As always Patricia provides top notch training. Enjoyed the barrels.”

“The chair module has been my favorite module thus far, and yet, this was the piece of equipment with which I had the least amount of knowledge/experience. This exceedingly positive experience with the chair module is solely attributed to the teaching style of Patricia Welter. I thoroughly appreciate her no-nonsense approach in training us on the proper use, techniques, and various exercises on this seemingly intimidating piece of equipment. Always with safety in mind as well as the varying abilities of the participants, Patricia made the chair exercises understandable and seem less intimidating. I came away from the chair module excited and enthused not only for the safe application of this apparatus in my teaching for my more advanced students but also for the challenge the chair posed to me in my own personal practice.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course, it was presented at just the right pace and our instructor Patricia was wonderful, giving great feedback to each student in the class. The practical, hands-on demonstrations, in the group setting were appreciated and helped us see the point in action.”

“Patricia is inspiring and a fabulous teacher she has a keen eye for corrections. Her cues are spot on. I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity of learning from her. I love working with the core sign more and more so many endless opportunities can’t wait to share what I learned with my clients!”

“Patricia is an exceptional educator! Extremely skilled, patient and very thorough with her teaching. I absolutely loved CoreAlign 2! She made everything so doable and accessible. I feel like ‘m able to progress myself and my clients forward thanks to Pat. I loved my time with her, and I’m looking forward to more education from Pat in the future. She’s fabulous!!”

“Although I have been a fitness professional for over 25 years, this was my first Pilates training, and I loved it! I was so impressed by Patricia and her knowledge of the Pilates method, and her obvious love of sharing it. I hated for the training to end, and I can’t wait for the Reformer 1 training with Patricia in a few weeks!”

“What an INCREDIBLE weekend of Reformer I training!! As a former elementary teacher, I value and appreciate quality instruction in any discipline and my experience this weekend with Master Instructor, Patricia Welter, exceeded every expectation! The course material was clearly presented in a structured format with a balanced blend between content delivery, cooperative learning, and individual practice. Patricia’s expertise in the practice and understanding of Pilates is apparent, as is her ability to present the course content in a way that ALL learners can comprehend. Patricia maintains high standards for her trainees and we, as her students, feel inspired to meet those expectations. She spent ample time addressing our multitude of questions, managed our class of 12 trainees from a variety of backgrounds smoothly and easily, and fostered a cooperative and supportive learning environment. She involves and engages ALL students and highlights individual strengths to nurture a positive approach to deepening our knowledge of Pilates. However, what makes Patricia phenomenal at what she does, is her ability to connect with her trainees in such a way that they feel like a valued and important part of the learning process. Patricia is not simply imparting her knowledge upon her students, but rather she develops a partnership in the process of Pilates mastery. It is a sincere privilege to learn and grow from Patricia. The 16 hours of Reformer training flew by and I am eager and thrilled to continue with the Reformer series modules at Suncoast Pilates!”

“Another wonderful module with Patricia! I look forward to my time learning from one of the industry’s best. She makes sure that each of her students feels comfortable with the material, and her insight gained from her many years of experience makes her an invaluable teacher. Can’t wait until my next training with her!”

“As someone who has taken Pilates for close to 8 years, listening to Patricia Welter explain the origin of various exercises, as she taught the exercise to the class, provided an exciting and new dimension to my understanding of Pilates. Patricia not only taught us how to perform and teach the exercises correctly, but she helped us appreciate that Joseph Pilates invented a revolutionary system for comprehensive fitness which could be customized to improve the overall physical wellbeing for everyone; from the uber athlete to the average person. I can honestly write that my training in Pilates at various other studios, cannot compare to my learning experience at Suncoast Pilates under Patricia Welter.”

“I am so grateful to have been able to take this class. The instruction has been superb! Patricia Welter has a gift for assessing a student’s needs and delivering the material in a way that connects with each student’s learning style and life experiences. As a human resource professional, i can see the difference between a skill mechanically applied in the workplace… and innate talent. Patricia’s teaching style is a true asset to the Balance Body Organization and every student enrolled in her courses.”

“Patricia is a wealth of knowledge, and I could just spend forever learning from her.”