Pilates Equipment Servicing Rates

ServiceDescriptionHourly Rate1,2Monthly Fee3
White Glove Detailing ServiceClean and detail your Pilates equipment on-site. Minor repairs and calibration are done during the service. Any parts that need replacement are identified. A follow-up visit can be arranged for installation of parts at same hourly rate. This service includes safety check and wheel service.$100/hr
Equipment Safety Check(Included in White Glove Detailing.)
Tighten and inspect all clips, links, eye hooks, wheels, springs, hooks, screws, nuts and bolts.
Reformer Wheel Services(Included in White Glove Detailing.)
Inspection and service of Reformer wheels for Balanced Body Reformers and select other manufacturer Reformers.
White Glove Detailing Maintenance3 Routine scheduled White Glove Detailing Service at convenient monthly rate. Visits can be done either once per month or once per quarter. The contract is billed as a monthly subscription.
Please note that an initial White Glove Detailing Service is performed separately to on-board all equipment into your Maintenance Plan. See additional notes below.
n/aMonthly subscription pricing based on equipment
New Equipment SetupUnbox, unwrap, and install all new Pilates apparatus delivered to your site. This includes all Pilates and CoreAlign equipment including Reformers, Chairs, Cadillac/Tower/Wall Units, and CoreAligns.$100/hr
Tower Only InstallPrecision installation of your Tower/Cadillac/Trap Table/Wall-Tower install.$100/hr
Consultation & PlanningPatricia & Robert consult together to provide planning for a full studio or home studio, from space layout and equipment selection through to setup. This can be performed onsite (additional travel costs apply) or via Video teleconference (Zoom).$100/hr
AppraisalsAppraisal of your apparatus with a full report that includes details and comparison to other similar apparatus on the market. This can be performed onsite (additional travel costs apply) or via Video teleconference (Zoom).$100/hr
Virtual Service4Video teleconference (Zoom) session to provide virtual assistance with any service needed to Pilates apparatus. As this is a virtual service, no travel costs are incurred. $100/hr
1Prices exclude travel fees. See Travel Rates for details. Payment is due at time of service, with exception of Maintenance Service which is billed on a monthly subscription.

2By Appointment Only. Services are provided by appointment to ensure no impact to your Studio access. No night or holiday appointments are available unless by special arrangement. The Pilates Fixer may agree to provide an emergency visit after hours at their own discretion, and an emergency uplift charge of up to 50% will apply to both hourly rate and travel.

3White Glove Detailing Maintenance is a subscription service for a 1 year service contract. The service plan will renew annually unless you request the contract be changed or terminated.
The subscription is billed monthly. You can stop it at any time, but may require a one-off White Glove Detailing Service to start the maintenance subscription again. You will be provided with a custom service cost based on the quantity of equipment included in the contract. You can choose the option of a Service visit 1 x per month or 1 x per quarter. Service visits are scheduled by you. The Pilates Fixer does not refund monthly service charges if a service visit is not scheduled.

4Virtual Service Requires Computer Screen or Tablet. A large computer screen or tablet with WiFi signal and working camera are necessary for the appointment to enable The Pilates Fixer to see the component(s) you need assistance with on your actual Pilates apparatus.

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Travel Rates

LocationTravel Rate
Palm HarborNo charge within 10 miles of Palm Harbor, FL$0
Tampa Bay Area1Approximately $50 each way in the Tampa Bay AreaApprox $50 each way
Central Florida1Approximately $100 each way in the Central Florida areaApprox $100 each way
Beyond Central Florida2We can travel to select locationsContact Us
1Travel rates are based on approximate time to travel to a location. They may require adjustment due to exceptional travel time within these mileage areas.

2Long distance services can be provided in special cases. Travel costs (including airfare and accommodation) may apply depending on location.