Pilates Business Consulting

Pilates Business Consulting Will Transform your Studio

Elevate your Pilates studio with Patricia’s Business Consulting services, tailored exclusively for studio owners and managers. Benefit from Patricia’s 30+ years of experience in creating and growing a successful Pilates studio.

This consulting service isn’t just a session – it’s your gateway to elevating your Pilates Studio business success.

  • From planning and designing a modern studio to implementing effective management strategies, Patricia covers all.
  • Dive into the nuances of successful studio marketing, exploring facets from website development to networking and client reviews.
  • Learn the art of efficient employee management and navigate client disputes with finesse.
  • Patricia’s consulting goes beyond standard advice; it’s a treasure trove of practical, real-world solutions and innovative strategies tailored to your studio’s unique needs.
  • Whether you’re starting fresh or seeking to revamp your studio, these sessions are your roadmap to a thriving Pilates business.
Did you know:

70% of small startups who received mentoring survived their first five years of trading…Only 35% of small businesses survived for five years without mentoring. (UPS Store, 2014)

Patricia Welter is a Balanced Body Educator, Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT), “Second Generation Pilates Teacher” and “Lolita San Miguel Pilates Master™” Teacher. She is recognised throughout the Pilates industry for her expertise and the magic she brings to the Pilates studio.

What to Expect

Create a journey tailored to your unique professional needs and aspirations.

Format: online video conference (i.e Zoom), in studio meetings upon request
Time: each session is scheduled for 55 minutes
Topics: determined by you and Patricia to meet your business goals
Goals: designed to elevate and grow your Studio business
Did you know:

Mentored businesses increase their revenue by 83% more than their peers. (Entrepreneur Middle East, 2018)

Need guidance?

Contact Patricia for a free 20 minute Introductory call to discuss.

Ready to Start your Journey?

Areas of Focus

  • Are you at a business crossroads and need industry counsel?
  • Do you wish you had someone to discuss Studio management or get general guidance from?
  • Do you have questions around studio marketing or employee development?

Patricia’s Wisdom Can Help!

Patricia owned her own successful studio for 25+ years, and has worked with studio owners like you in areas such as:

  1. Starting a Pilates Studio: Step-by-step guide on opening a Pilates studio, from concept to launch.
  2. Effective Marketing Strategies for Pilates Studios: Developing and executing a successful marketing plan for a Pilates studio.
  3. Client Retention and Loyalty Programs: Strategies for increasing client retention and implementing loyalty programs.
  4. Financial Management for Pilates Studios: Basic financial management, budgeting, and pricing strategies for studio owners.
  5. Navigating the Digital Landscape: Utilizing digital tools and social media for business growth and client engagement.
  6. Staff Training and Management: Effective techniques for hiring, training, and managing Pilates studio staff.
  7. Creating a Unique Studio Brand: Developing and promoting a unique brand identity for your Pilates studio.
  8. Health and Safety Standards in Pilates Studios: Implementing and maintaining health and safety standards.
  9. Client Feedback and Quality Improvement: Using client feedback to improve studio services and customer satisfaction.
  10. Diversifying Studio Offerings: Expanding studio offerings to include workshops, special classes, and complementary services.

Have a specific topic or goal in mind?

Contact Patricia to discuss how she can elevate your studio and management to magical new heights!