Studio Equipment

Balanced Body Equipment Purchases

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Alternatively, email at Balanced Body and mention “Patricia Welter” for exceptional customer service.

Patricia says:

“Balanced Body is the gold standard for Reformers, Cadillacs, Towers, Wunda Chairs and other Pilates and CoreAlign equipment…their quality and customer support is unrivalled.”

Pilates App

Pocket Pilates

Start a free 7 day trial today. Use discount code PAT30 for $30 off discount on annual subscription.

Need help creating classes? Having a hard time deciding which variations to select? Frustrated with not having enough time to plan that perfect class? Stop wasting time on class programming and let POCKET PILATES do that for you!

  • Search for the equipment, body part, or position you want to focus on
  • Watch video clips that match your search. Each clip ranges from 3 – 10 minutes in length
  • Place clip in your favorites or create a playlist
  • Rinse repeat until you have your personalized class created
  • Don’t want to search? Just watch one of our weekly curated playlists
  • Stress less on class programming and begin actually connecting with your client

This Pilates trainer app was made with YOU in mind.  Note: subscribe via the website first, then download the mobile app.

Patricia says:

“Nico is a friend and is renowned throughout the Pilates industry. I was honoured that he asked to film my teaching to be included in short video clips on his app.”

Use discount code PAT30 for $30 off discount on annual subscription.

Pilates Clothing & Socks

MoveActive Pilates Grip Socks

Step into a dreamy world with MoveActive’s enchanting new grip sock collection, ‘Garden Party.’ Inspired by the whimsical beauty of a floral wonderland, this sweet collection evokes a sense of nostalgia with its washed-out pastels, daisy chains and butterfly and bee embroideries.

Patricia says:

“These sock designs truly are whimsical and wonderful, and the quality is great. Check out the Social Butterfly and Beach Sunset designs and the new Scrunch Style.”

Tavi Noir Pilates Grip Socks

Stellar grip pattern in a variety of colors and sock styles.

Get 20% off your first order only at Tavi Noir (includes all 3 brands -TAVI Active, ToeSox, and Vooray).

Patricia says:

“These are my go-to socks for studio equipment or mat work.”

Fun Pilates Tanks & T-shirts

Fun apparel to show your love of Pilates.

Patricia says:

“I love colorful and fun Pilates gear. It’s the perfect way to accessorize my red hair!”

Pilates Accessories

Pinky Ball

A portable 2.5″ diameter ball ideal for targeting trigger points or self-massage. Buy one or in bulk.

Patricia says:

“Pinky balls are great for hard to reach places like feet, glutes or back. I purchase multiple so I can keep one in every room at home…When we had dogs, they doubled up as a dog toy.”

Pilates Toe Stretcher, aka Joe’s Toe Gizmo®

The ultimate in toe correction and enhanced movement devices, Joe’s Toe Gizmo® improves bunions and toe misalignments, and strengthens feet while enhancing balance and gait.

Patricia says:

“This is a dream for athletes, dancers or anyone that has bunions or toe misalignments. You’ll see improvements in balance really quickly, and that translates into better posture, gait and form.”

Pilates Kneeling Pads

Provides extra cushion under the knees during floor work.

Patricia says:

“A knee pad can open up a world of movement for someone with knee pain or injury rehab in the studio. They’re also great for home practice.”

WAGS Wrist Assured Gloves

Workout gloves with wrist support and padding.

Patricia says:

“Some days I need a little extra wrist support when doing plank-based movements and these help tremendously. They have good grip.”

OPTP Stretch Out Strap

Durable nylon strap with loops for stretching, used by industry professionals.

Patricia says:

“Anyone with tight hamstrings or shoulders will benefit from using this regularly to stretch deeper.”

Balanced Body Pilates Arc

Designed to help target your core, back, and upper and lower body, this powerful tool is great for all body types and skill levels.

Patricia says:

“Sturdy, lightweight and provides both steep and shallow angles for the spine. Great assistance in Pilates Mat work. Simple delivery options.”

Pilates Books

Safe Movement For All Spines

by Gwen Miller

Patricia says:

“An amazing book one of my fellow educators shared at our recent Advance Movement Principles training course.”

The Pilates Reformer Part 1 – the Traditional Exercises

by Reiner Grootenhuis

Patricia says:

“Look for my review included in the front of the book.”

Get to Know Joe Pilates

by Cathy Strack

Patricia says:

“This is the personal side of Joseph and his history, which helps frame the reasons and specifics behind his methodology.”

Title currently out of stock.

Caged Lion – Joseph Pilates and His Legacy

by John Howard Steel

Patricia says:

“This is a fascinating inside story of Joseph written by one of his students and dear friends.”

Return to Life Through Contrology

by Joseph Pilates and Judd Robbins

Patricia says:

“Read the original thoughts of Jospeh and view his traditional Mat work as he developed the repertoire we currently know. I learned so many little details from this. A must for Pilates instructor trainees.”

My Enchanted Life: A Memoir

by Lolita San Miguel

Patricia says:

“Lolita was my mentor. I had the great privilege of training under her as one of the surviving Pilates Elders. Her amazing story is a must read.”

Pilates Anatomy

by Rael Isacowitz and Karen Clippinger

Patricia says:

“The drawings and details make this a must for any Pilates Instructor or enthusiast.”